Thursday, October 27, 2011

Waiting for the quiz to start..

Its been a while since i last post my blog here, i feel like writing something today but my words didn't come out right so i juz wanna stop by and say hi to my blog...

I'm waiting in front of my computer lab class as i'll be having a 45minutes quiz shortly, hope the question is not as tough as b4, sometimes i know something that i didn't knew knowing it and it come out to be right...i guess God help me a lot there, i remembered someone told me that the things we read are already inside our mind, its just a matter of how we wanna use it, we knew something but we don't no how to express it, we understand something but we don't know how to respond to it..i don't know if this a right thing to say but i juz saying what i'm feeling right now :D

Oh my look at the time, i better go now, wish me luck for my quiz :)


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