Thursday, September 30, 2010

ignorance is my new best friend

i didn't find this as something usual to me but when it happen i come to acknowledge that it is true....ignorance is a friend of mine. well i don't care if people want to ignore me or my presence, i think its a best thing for me. i don't think that i deserve to be known, to be in the spotlighted . i think the best of me is keep quiet and do my own stuff. i always been left alone as they don't thing me as a friend, well what i care!!!
people laugh at me some time due to my idiotic character, due to my short term memory, due to my lack of understanding my surrounding..........etc.
i hate to write this but i can't keep it to my does hurt so i try to bring it out by blogging...
it feels good  ~_~

p/s : wish me good luck for tomorrow test!!!


Vijeyatharzhini Bathmanathan said...

why do u say so katy?? u're so crazy n fun 2 be with =)

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